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To book your drop in spot today:

SDC have the following Covid-19 Protocols in place:
1) Arrival to Studio
• All dancers must arrive 10 minutes early
• If you are doing only one session please wait outside building on stars until access is granted. We will check on which session you are doing then invite you in.
• Upon entering the building, dancers will place shoes on the boot rack and use hand sanitizer at "Stop Here Station"
• Please step on the star floor markers to ensure proper social distancing while waiting in line. 
• Covid-19 screening questions will be asked and temperatures will be taken.
• Follow teachers instructions as to which studio to enter. 
• After entering the studio please sit in the assigned square. 
2) Items to Bring and what Not to Bring
• There will be NO access to dressing rooms.
• Dancers do not need to wear masks while they are dancing, but they can if they would like.
• Bring only what you need for class: water bottles, your block, proper shoes for each class, your own personal hand sanitizer.
• No big backpacks allowed.
• Proper attire to be worn for ballet, we suggest bringing leggings/ shorts to put over tights for jazz/contemporary. 
3) Access to washrooms limited to one dancer at a time. Wash hands thoroughly and use  paper towels on door knobs 
4) Dancers will stay in the same studio for both sessions, teachers will change rooms after their session.
5) Dancers will exit upon instructions from teachers
6) We ask that no parents enter the building, this is due to the number of people allowed in the building. if you need to speak to someone or have questions please phone 780-475-7163 Studio phone, text shelley or email studio. We will monitor this. Thank you for your help in following these protocols so we can open up for drop ins!  

Registration for our 2020-2021 is now open!!

Call or email to get information to join the SDC family today!
780-465-7163 or

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